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Subaru & Toyota Brake Parts & Accessories

At PERRIN Performance, our air induction parts, cold air kits, and filters are proven to help you improve airflow to your motor and increase power. We carry air induction parts for a variety of brands and models, including: 

At PERRIN Performance we want to help you improve the performance of your Subaru in every category. Speed and power are only one part of the performance equation and for every increase in power, you’ll want to improve the brake feel and performance as well.

We’ve developed a series of braking parts and accessories for:

Our flagship brake upgrade, the master cylinder support, helps reduce firewall flex under all braking conditions. After installing our supports you’ll notice a difference both when standing on the brakes into a slow corner and gradually braking at a stoplight. 

Improved brake feel gives you a sense of connection to your car’s stopping performance, an important feature when building confidence in your car’s potential. Know that exactly the force you put on the pedal is transferring to your braking, every time.

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