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Performance Engine, Transmission, Steering, and Chassis Mounts

Typically, AWD cars lose a significant percentage of their torque and horsepower when transferring that power from the engine to the tires. Lockdown power and reduce drivetrain loss in your Subaru with PERRIN Performance performance drivetrain upgrades.

We offer a number of solutions to combat drivetrain loss, like more solid engine mount kits, differential lockdowns, and transmission mounts.

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Drivetrain loss isn’t the only reason to upgrade and stiffen your drivetrain mounts. In many cases, stock rubber mounts are both less durable and provide a less connected driving experience. Poly and solid mounts can replace worn rubber mounts for an upgrade during normal maintenance or can be swapped in during a build to help you feel more connected to the road while driving. 

In addition to powered drivetrain mounts, PERRIN also specializes in clutch and steering mounts, putting more feel in your clutch pedal and reducing steering column or rack flex in corners for more precise steering angles and apexes.

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