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Performance Aftermarket Catback Exhaust Systems and Parts

Exhausts are a quintessential modification for any car enthusiast, and the Subaru boxer motor is one of the most satisfying to upgrade. At PERRIN Performance, we make exhaust parts that don’t just help you sound great rolling down the road and coming off the throttle, our exhausts also improve performance and give you a more satisfying driving experience.

Find catback exhausts, downpipes, kits, and accessories for::

In addition to catback and full exhaust systems, we offer a number of exhaust accessories to help maintain, repair, and make incremental improvements to your car. Equal length headers are one of the most popular modifications for boxer motors, and it’s easy to see why. Improved responsiveness with a more efficient turbo spool and that special equal length header sound is worth the investment.

Check out our downpipes and J-pipes, complete with catalytic converters to avoid issues with emissions checks while picking up power. 

Our selection of heat shields also helps reduce temperatures under the hood, increasing performance by reducing power-sapping heat soak.

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