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Honda Civic Type R Performance Parts and Mods

Heralded as one of the best “do it all” performance cars, the Civic Type R provides a driving experience that’s unmatched in the FWD hatchback arena. Make the most of your Type R with performance and aesthetic upgrades from PERRIN Performance.

Honda is known for its amazing shifters, but with PERRIN Performance aftermarket shifter mods you can get your Type R’s shifter even closer to that notchy race car feel. Pair your improved shifter bushings and adapters with a weighted shift knob for a complete overhaul of your gear rowing experience.

We also offer new suspension upgrades, like a precision-made strut brace to help tie the front corners of your car together, reducing flex under load.

Maximize the performance of your turbocharged K20C1 with our upgraded front mount intercooler and other engine modifications.

No driving experience is complete without a unique exhaust note singing in your ears. Our catback exhaust for the Type R isn’t just an aesthetic improvement over the stock unit, it also improves power, making it a sure choice for any enthusiast.

Make your Type R stand out from the crowd while you’re rolling down the road or parked up at a show with our exterior accessories and upgrades. Tow hook upgrades replace flimsy OEM examples and license plate relocation kits clean up the look of your grill and bumper.  Wheel fitment can make or break the look of your Type R. Our wheel spacers are milled to fit the Si hubs and help push your wheels to the outer corners of your car. Fill those wheel wells and add road presence to your Si!

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