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Subaru Impreza Performance Parts and Mods

The Subaru Impreza is a great platform for owners to start from when modifying a car. Thanks to its similarities to the WRX and STI, there is a lot of unharnessed potential in this AWD, boxer-powered car. We offer aftermarket modifications to both improve the performance of your Impreza as well as help you personalize your car with aesthetic improvements for both your engine bay and exterior.

Improve the handling and feel of your Impreza with suspension upgrades and drivetrain mounts that use both solid and poly bushings. These beefed-up components improve the driving experience by stiffening your chassis, reducing drivetrain power loss, and improving steering and cornering speed and feel.

Next, tidy up your engine bay with engine dress up mods. These precisely manufactured pieces can help your Impreza stand out from the crowd at any meet when you pop the hood.

We also offer exterior modifications for your Impreza, helping you personalize your car with a clean look. Check out our tow hooks, license plate deletes, and shortened antennas to see how PERRIN Performance exterior mods can add to your aesthetic. One effective way to make your Impreza shine is wheel choice and fitment. Nothing changes the character of a car faster than an aggressively fit set of unique wheels. With our wheel adapters and spacers for the Subaru Impreza, you can both increase your options of wheels with additional bolt patterns and push your wheels and tires further outboard, giving that fitted that lends so much to the presence of your car on the road.

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