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Subaru Legacy Performance Parts and Mods

With the same Subaru AWD system and legendary boxer motor, the Legacy is more than just a family sedan or wagon. Realize the performance potential of your Legacy with PERRIN Performance aftermarket modifications. We also offer a wide range of parts to help you improve the aesthetic appearance of your Legacy, inside and out.

Whether you’re replacing worn-out suspension components or want to upgrade from compliant OEM bushings and mounts, PERRIN suspension and drivetrain mods will change the ride and handling characteristics of your Legacy for the better. Make drivetrain mounting modifications to reduce powertrain loss and put more of your Legacy’s power to the ground. Stiffened, less compliant poly and solid bushings in our suspension components will improve steering performance, keep the car more level in corners, and give you a more planted feel on the road.

Personalize the exterior of your Legacy with tasteful additions like our upgraded tow hooks or clean up the OEM appearance with our license plate delete and other exterior body modifications. Under the hood, our engine dress up parts can help your bay pop and stand out at any show. Wheel choice and tire fitment can make a huge difference in how your Legacy looks on the road. We provide a number of wheel space options and bolt pattern adapters to both broaden your wheel options and help you push your wheels and tires to the outer corners of the car to achieve the road presence you want.

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