Subaru WRX Performance Parts and Mods

At PERRIN Performance, we offer a wide range of aftermarket Subaru WRX mods to help you personalize and improve the performance of your WRX. Thanks to its similarities to its higher performance brother, the STI, modifying a WRX is a fun and relatively easy way to get great performance with a lower price tag.

Upgrading your air induction, fuel, turbo accessories, and intercooler are some of the biggest steps that you can take to make the most out of the turbo boxer motor in your WRX. Pairing those mods with electronic turning by using the Cobb Accessport, and you’ll find you can make reliable power gains in your WRX without needing to modify your engine’s internals.

Picking up horsepower and torque is only one part of building a WRX. Next, you’ll want to improve handling and stopping power to match your new straight-line speed. Find parts to modify your WRX’s brakes and suspension that are easy to install and outperform their stock counterparts. Standing out from the crowd can be just as important and beating them to the finish line. Our engine dress up, exterior and body, and interior mods provide both form and function, improving your connection with your WRX and giving it some personalized style.

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